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Fusion Milk Tea
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Why?…Once upon a time, we used to hate tea. We have tried tons of teas  but still didn’t satisfy. So we start to bring tea up to the next level and create own recipe.

We mix and match, design and cook, taste again and again until it’s perfect. Our real mission is to change boring drinks into artwork and to make people who hate tea love it. Together with taste and appearance, we use cup as canvas, ingredients as oil color, spoon as brush, then paint the most colorful & yummy drink.

We believe that if we can make non-tea drinkers to drink our tea, it will be the most meaningful to our business.

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Premium tea &
100% freeze dried fruit powder

Our fruit powders are made of 100% real freeze dried fruits from Thailand, the country’s fertile plains and hot tropical climate, where has such a plentiful supply of gorgeous and tasty fruit. We did the research, so trust us!


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Organic & Special

We gather the most popular and favorable toppings. Our top 30 best selling toppings can create unlimited new and colorful menus. You can also mix&match and design your own cup too! Just let’s our teatender knows!


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Aicha AlyassiAicha Alyassi
00:14 23 May 22
The place is very very small, yet it serves one of the best bobas in town! The service is extremely fast and the boba is delicious.
Utsa TongritUtsa Tongrit
13:02 13 Jul 20
Delicious tea (but not very intense). Very cheap. Great value. Great value.
Karan PongtitKaran Pongtit
04:25 30 Nov 19
Pearl milk tea is right and good here. Try it and really delicious. Many menus. Choose sweetness. Walk to buy for a friend at the office: D
Ice PipatIce Pipat
15:08 20 Oct 19
Delicious, cheap, scented brown sugar milk tea Put Jelly Brown Sugar
Cédric B.Cédric B.
17:16 11 Sep 19
Good bubble tea in this street market service a bit slow