Registered company: Idea(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Legal entity registration number: 0105557138900
Warehouse Office: 345 Soi 47 Rama 2 road, Thakham, Bangkhuntian, Bangkok 10150 (Thailand)
Registered Date: Sep 19, 2014
Employees: 10-15 people


Registered company: Bubb Global LLC.
Legal entity registration number: 0451079728
Office: 48 Hoot Owl Ter., Kinnelon, New Jersey 07405
Registered Date: Jan 01, 2024

BRANCHES (Updated Apr 01,2024)

Thailand: 39 branches
Cambodia: 5 branches

“Bring the flavor of Thailand to your cup with bubb – the #1 milk tea franchise in the country! Our fruit powders are made from 100% real freeze dried fruits from Thailand’s fertile plains, giving you a taste like no other.”

bubb was born in 2018 with a vision to bring the fashionable milk tea experience to people around the world. We believe in sourcing new ingredients from different countries, redesign, mix and match to offer a unique flavor that sets it apart from others. We determine to make our product affordable for everyone. We start with a price of just 18 THB for a cup of milk tea. This affordability made our product accessible to everyone, from students to working professionals.

bubb also realized the importance of branding in the business. We merge design into their business strategy to create brand awareness. We create a distinctive logo and packaging design that would make our product stand out on the shelves. We also use vibrant colors to attract the younger generation, who were their target audience.

bubb rises to prominence due to their creative strategy in finding new ingredients and incorporating design into their business model, leading to a strong brand image. Their unique taste, reasonable price, and visually appealing packaging made them quickly recognizable and popular. As a result, the brand rapidly expanded its reach across multiple locations in Thailand.

bubb‘s rise to fame is a demonstration of the impact of innovation, affordability, and branding. With its unique blends of Taiwanese tea, Thai milk tea, Aiyu jelly, Arabica coffee, and tropical juices, the brand has become a benchmark for the industry, inspiring many other milk tea brands to follow its lead. As a result of its strong brand image, milk Tea has established itself as one of the leading milk tea brands in Thailand and its popularity continues to grow globally.


I hate tea




confession time…


Yes, you heard it right!
But wait, before you judge, let us redefine what tea means to us.
At BUBB, it’s not just tea; it’s an experience, a burst of unique flavors that might just change your mind.
Ready to challenge your taste buds?
#IHateTea #BUBBExperience”


BUBB’S logo, featuring the playful character, is more than just an image – it’s a lively representation of our brand’s spirit. Embodying the joy and exuberance found in every bubble tea experience, the pug’s expression mirrors the excitement that bubbles up with each sip. It’s a symbol of our commitment to fun, creativity, and the delightful surprises waiting in every cup. Just like the friendly bark of a pug, our logo calls out to all tea enthusiasts, inviting them to join us in a world where every bubble holds a moment of pure delight.


To signify the burst of flavors and textures that BUBB’s milk teas offer. It suggests a dynamic and lively experience, where each sip is filled with vibrant taste sensations.


To emphasize the distinctiveness of BUBB’s milk tea creations. It implies that the recipes are carefully crafted, using unique ingredients or innovative combinations that set them apart from standard milk teas.


To convey a sense of joy and happiness associated with consuming BUBB’s milk teas. It suggests that the experience goes beyond just satisfying thirst; it’s a delightful and pleasurable moment for the customers.


To simply refer to the range of drinks offered by BUBB. It emphasizes that BUBB is not just about tea; it could include a variety of beverages, all designed to provide a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

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