Fusion Milk Tea
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To bring whoever hate tea back, and rethink about drinking tea!

We don’t do business plan. We start with passion of what we love to do. We mix and match, design and cook, taste again and again until it’s perfect. Our real mission Is to change boring drinks into artwork. Together with taste and appearance, we use cup as canvas, ingredients as oil color, spoon as brush, then paint the most colorful&yummy drink.

That’s it. This’s how we’ve got here.

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Premium tea &
100% freeze dried fruit powder

Our fruit powders are made of 100% real freeze dried fruits from Thailand, the country’s fertile plains and hot tropical climate, where has such a plentiful supply of gorgeous and tasty fruit. We did the research, so trust us!


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Organic & Special

We gather the most popular and favorable toppings. Our top 30 best selling toppings can create unlimited new and colorful menus. You can also mix&match and design your own cup too! Just let’s our teatender knows!


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